Jump-start Your Shift to Enterprise Mobility in 10 Steps

Being an enterprise usually means having a behemoth system to manage all of the complex and integrated processes. In the age of desktop computing, it was possible to cram everything into a “desktop application” and notebooks were sufficient for enterprise mobility.

However, in the age of mobile enterprise, there is still need for large, centralized systems, but the clients are much more diverse than in the past. There are different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and more) and form factors (tablets, phones) to consider. There are newly introduced limitations regarding performance of mobile devices and connectivity over cellular networks. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies makes things even more complicated for enterprises.

Nowadays, it is all about numerous “mobile apps” that specialize in one thing only. In such an environment, it is not easy to keep track user requests and mobile app development projects. Until now, the transition to mobile caused serious problems for enterprises that could not invest enough in mobility. (e.g. duplication of efforts, delayed or unfinished projects, support and maintenance problems for completed projects, etc.)

With Smartface, the enterprises can achieve the mindset shift required by enterprise mobility without making huge investments.

Here are the majority of the pillars of enterprise mobility and how the right mobile app development platform can meet the needs of an enterprise in the scope of these items:

  1. Standardization of processes and solutions: To manage all different apps and devices for various purposes, there is a need for standardization or things may get out of hand quickly. Smartface offers a platform that is based on well-defined standards and by developing all mobile apps with this platform, it is possible to unify processes.
  2. Integration with different enterprise systems: Each mobile app is actually connected to a larger backend system and accessing these systems require a notable development effort, especially is the system does not support newer standards for enterprise connectivity.

    Smartface offers built-in support for different types of connectivity options such as SOAP or JSON as well as the necessary facilitators to connect these services to mobile apps.

    You can use connection wizards or code it directly with JavaScript to set-up API connections in your mobile app.

  3. Setting up a systematic structure and eliminating dependency on people: This is another commonly faced problem. Because there is not an inherent structure in the enterprise mobility as people may be used to in other fields of enterprise landscape, the systems usually depend on people who learned it usually from the hard way. Smartface brings structure to processes and projects. Since the learning cost is low and everything is backed up with necessary informative resources, dependency on a single person is unlikely. Everyone can easily learn to use Smartface and code with JavaScript.
  4. Isolation from the complexities of the mobile world: Mobile world is changing fast and the fragmentation of OSes and devices are increasing every day. It is not an easy task to keep track of all changes and also manage projects according to the changes. Smartface is always kept up to date with mobile trends, therefore just upgrade your Smartface project to the latest version and you are good to go.
    Smartface isolates enterprises from complexities of the mobile world and allows them to focus on their core business.
  5. Providing new know-how: Mobility is still relatively a new subject and an expert opinion is sought for mobile application projects. It is costly to find such an expert or learn new things in the midst of chaos, but Smartface provides the necessary means and tools for a more productive way of mobile application development without worrying about the changes in the landscape.
  6. Retaining company know-how: Enterprise mobility is not just about following new mobility trends. It requires continuous learning inside the enterprise as well. As the companies try to rush things in mobile development projects or outsource development, it may be problematic to gain knowledge and experience through the development process. However, with Smartface, there is no need to rush, as it is already much more productive and the know-how is collected on the platform, not distributed to different people with different roles. Moreover,

    With a WYSIWYG editor and single code based structure, Smartface takes care of platform differences and everyone can develop high quality mobile apps easily.

  7. Sharing best practices: In the mobile world, a company doesn’t need to be the one who does things ahead of everyone, it must be taking good examples of how it is done and adapt it to itself. Smartface facilitates this process by implementing and providing best practices in a ready-to-use manner. With Smartface, you always get the best practices without worrying about looking for and trying different processes.
  8. Benefiting from use cases: Although every company has different needs for mobility, the essential requirement are similar. Smartface is used widely around the world and use cases in one enterprise can be shared with another. It is a universal platform and sharing and implementation of the same use case across different projects are easy. As a platform, Smartface has detailed documentation, guides and support available. If a project is done without Smartface, the experience depends on the related developer or analyst, but with Smartface, it is possible to take advantage of already available content.
  9. Easy testing and distribution: This item has two parts: How to test an app properly in accordance with enterprise standards and how to distribute your apps in enterprise distribution or B2C settings. For testing mobile applications, it is critical to see it on a real device for both iOS and Android. What’s more is that with on-device emulators and debuggers, it is possible to make full-cycle tests that are suitable for various mobile software development methodologies. For distribution of applications, Smartface Enterprise Server solution provide best-in-class application lifecycle management functionalities for companies of all sizes.
  10. Enterprise plug-ins and services: Enterprises require their mobile applications to be integrated with the solutions they use across the company. Smartface already supports a number of leading enterprise solutions out-of-the-box and implementing these solutions is very convenient for developers. These plug-ins are
  • Kobil and Vasco for mobile enterprise security
  • Kofax and Abbyy for enterprise document capture and imaging
  • Sestek and Nuance for voice based features
  • Cloud services
  • Enterprise resource planning platforms such as SAP.


With such mobility benefits for enterprises, Smartface is more than an iOS and Android native mobile application development tool. Smartface is a fully featured enterprise mobility management platform that reduces costs, increases productivity, removes people dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions.

It is easy to say that Smartface has this and that, so try it yourself and experience the claims yourself. Download Smartface now for free and jumpstart your enterprise mobility efforts.