End-to-end Mobile App
Development and
Lifecycle Management

Truely NATIVE coding with standard JavaScript

Develop high-quality native iOS and Android apps with a single codebase just with JavaScript knowledge, fully in the cloud.








Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Design Editor

Ease of rapid development combined with the flexibility of platform-based development. Start designing your apps quickly and code your apps in the same environment. The editor makes it easy to design native apps without worrying about fragmentation. Your design will fit all devices.


Full Featured Mobile Development Environment in the Cloud

The Cloud IDE offers you the familiar development experience with the comfort of the cloud. With the unique collaboration features, you can code together with anyone just as easy as working on a document.

Run and debug your app on any real device instantly and wirelessly by using the on-device emulators. No Mac needed for development, you can use any system to develop native apps for iOS and Android.


Seamless Transition from
Development to Testing

Once you develop your app, you can publish it directly from the cloud to the Testing Distribution or Testing Automation module seamlessly. View all the versions of your app in one place and share them conveniently. Managing complex mobile app testing processes has never been easier.


Build Your Apps in the Cloud

With the Cloud Build module, Smartface removes all the hassle of application deployment. You don’t need to worry about managing code signing certificates and having a Mac to sign your apps.

Smartface Cloud can store all your iOS certificates and Android keystores in one place and signing and building is fully in the cloud. No matter which operating system you use, you can get store-ready (or enterprise distribution) binaries. Smartface frees you from the lock-in to Mac and allows you to use your favorite operating system for development.


All-Purpose Distribution Tools in the Cloud

Whether you submit your apps to the public stores or across the enterprise, Smartface offers you the right tools to increase the reach of your app.

For apps in the public stores, you can use the Single-Link distribution module with auto device detection and use a single, shortened link for all OSes and form factors along with support for intents and URL schemes if the app is installed. For enterprise apps, you can use the Enterprise Distribution module or the Enterprise App Store. You have full control over how and to whom you want to distribute your app.


Update Native Apps Remotely

Smartface Remote App Update module eliminates the burden of going through app store/enterprise store publish and review processes in every update.

You can update native apps remotely to always deliver the latest and the best user experience.

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