Wireless Mobile App Debugging with Smartface Cloud IDE

While Smartface Cloud is more than just about development with the mobile app lifecycle management features, the Cloud IDE is one of the most notable parts of the Smartface Cloud platform.

It is a full-featured development environment that runs in the cloud with unique features like easy and powerful collaboration similar to online document editing for native iOS and Android development.

Smartface Cloud Development Module uses the power of the cloud to its fullest, while providing the features that you came to expect from any development environment. As one of the most important features that developers cannot live without is debugging, Smartface Cloud IDE also comes with a debugger.

In Smartface debugger, the advantages of cloud and JavaScript is utilized to provide you with a convenient, flexible and wireless debugging experience. You can use the debugging panel on the right or just set a breakpoint to turn on debug mode for your app during the “Run on Device” process.

Just like a regular debugger, you can use breakpoints, step controls and watches. Moreover, call stacks and immediate JavaScript code injection is supported with Smartface Cloud IDE debugging. All operations are done wirelessly, directly from the cloud to your mobile device.

Below is a quick demonstration of the debugging features in Smartface Cloud:


For more information on debugging you can refer to the Smartface Cloud Application Debugging Guide.

You can visit https://cloud.smartface.io and try the cloud debugger yourself. With the Cloud IDE, you can instantly start developing native iOS and Android apps in the cloud, on any operating system.

The future of mobile development awaits you (wireless debugger included).