In-Browser Mobile Device
Emulator & Simulator

Run iOS and Android apps IN THE BROWSER

No need for physical devices. Run any compatible iOS and Android app online in a wide range of OS versions and devices.


Full-featured iPhone and iPad simulators and Android phone and tablet emulators with instant access on any browser.

Build the App Online or Upload Binary Build your app in the cloud in a simulator/emulator-compatible format from the source code and deploy directly or simply upload a compatible x86 binary.
Instant Access on any OS Access the device emulators instantly within comfort of your browser with high availability and scalability. Works on any OS, including Windows, Linux, macOS and ChromeOS.
Wide Range of Devices & OS Versions A diverse set of iPhones, iPads and Android screen sizes are supported along with many past and current iOS and Android OS versions. All available without any downloads or queues.
Diverse Framework Compatibility Compatible with Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Smartface and many more frameworks. All you need is an x86 build.
Suitable for All Use Cases Use the in-browser emulators for a wide range of cases such as mobile app development, mobile app testing, user support or remote working.
Full-Featured Emulators Powerful Android and iOS emulators/simulators supporting advanced use cases such as accessing logs, device localization and recording sessions.

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