Smartface Chatbot Client for In-House Enterprise Chatbots

The future of mobility is inevitably moving towards artificial intelligence with the rise of virtual personal assistants and chatbots. For certain interactions and processes, it is more convenient just to use natural language instead of going through hoops in a mobile device.

Before chatbots, it was not possible to eliminate human interaction for some processes, but now chatbots are increasingly becoming the first point of interaction and falling back to a human only in complex cases.

Chatbots for external customers (B2C) can be served over public chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, however not all chatbots can be served through public channels due to issues like privacy and security.

For enterprise use cases (B2B or B2E), it is even more complicated. It wouldn’t be viable for an enterprise to provide services to its employees or business partners through Facebook or a similar messaging platform, which may look unprofessional and pose security issues.

For this purpose, there is a strong need for an alternative private channel to serve chatbots and the newest app of the open source Smartface accelerator SmartApps, Chatbot Client enables enterprises to serve internal chatbots.

Smartface Chatbot Client   Smartface Chatbot Client   Smartface Chatbot Client

Smartface Chatbot Client is a fully native chat application, so it can work with any type of chatbot use case with advanced interactions such as multiple-choice questions or native features like maps and directions.

The app is integrated with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and Chatbot Service) and any Oracle-based chatbot can be used in the client easily using Webhooks.

The app can be distributed to internal users through Smartface Enterprise App Store, fully eliminating the need to expose the chatbot or the application to the public. Everything can be totally private and internal.

Moreover, the enterprises can include this client in their other internal applications (e.g. an HR self-service chatbot in an HR self-service application) for maximum flexibility and convenience.

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