iOS 8 Jailbreak

iOS 8 Jailbreak Released

Everybody is talking about how to jailbreak iOS 8 these days. Do you know what it means in technical terms and how you can detect jailbroken devices with Smartface App Studio?

What is iOS 8 Jailbreak?

iOS Jailbreaking is the process of obtaining root access (superuser – su or admin access) on iOS devices. Apple keeps all devices “jailed” with a locked bootloader and system for their security reasons. Breaking this security requires exploits/bugs to find a way around restrictions. Even this is a legal operation, it voids device’s warranty.

There are two jailbreak methods. Tethered jailbreak, requires a connection to computer at every boot/loading session on iOS devices. Untethered jailbreak doesn’t require a computer connection for every loading. Currently all iOS versions up to 8.1 can be jailbroken.

Why do you need to jailbreak iOS?

There are many reasons to jailbreak an iPhone/iPad: Customizing the device with keyboard gestures, system colors, animation speeds, etc; accessing forbidden apps by Apple (for example; game console emulators, system level file managers) and mostly beacuse to install pirated (cracked) apps with iOS jailbreak. Jailbroken iOS users also get some new functionalities such as new notifications center and folder structures before offically announced by Apple.

iOS 8 Jailbreak

iOS 8 Jailbreak

What is Cydia?

Cydia is the most popular app installer and marketplace aggregator for jailbroken devices. It enables installation of jailbroken apps from different “repositories”.

For expert users, root level access may be desirable, but if you are not sure what you are doing, jailbreaking makes your iPhone or iPad vulnerable to malicious activity. Also it’s proven that some of the jailbreak tools have some evil code that turns iOS devices into zombies. If you want to make your app more secure, don’t worry. You can check Security Tips for Smartface App Studio Development.

You can detect if a device is jailbroken and prompt the user to take actions against malware with some tools. When you detect a jailbroken device before the app launch, you can display a disclaimer that this app running on an insecure device. This will also relieve you from any damages in future.

Detecting Jailbroken iOS 8 devices with Smartface

Detecting jailbroken devices while developing your app with Smartface App Studio is easy. Like always…

Detecting device modifications on Smartface App Studio can be done with a single line of code below:

You can refer to Device.modifiedOS Property for more information:

if (Device.modifiedOS) { //will return true for Jailbroken or Rooted devices
alert(“Your device operating system has been modified“);

Moreover, with Smartface, you don’t need to jailbreak your device to develop your apps on Windows PCs. Our Windows based development environment handles it all without breaking any restrictions. You can download Smartface App Studio here.