Using Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit) in Smartface

JavaScript is becoming a de facto standard in enterprise settings, especially in front-end applications.

For this reason, Smartface allows development of native iOS and Android applications just with JavaScript so that both web and mobile frontend development operations can be handled with a single resource, increasing productivity.

Similarly, Oracle offers Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) as a complete, modular and open-source JavaScript development toolkit designed to help developers build engaging user interfaces that interact with enterprise systems.

Smartface brings the power of the Oracle JET framework to native apps with the Smartface Oracle JET extension.

This unique offering combines the high quality and the performance of native apps with the flexibility and the modularity of Oracle JET.

  • Oracle JET is now embedded in Smartface as the preferred data visualization tool.
    • You can create visually stunning charts in your mobile apps by using Oracle JET Charts.
    • Oracle JET is a powerful front-end tool. The charts provided are fast, responsive and fully functional. Smartface recommends using Oracle JET to display charts in a native app without sacrificing native functionality.
  • Smartface enables the interaction of Oracle JET components with native components.
    • Oracle JET in mobile apps is enhanced with 100% native mobile platform access.
    • You can get data from any native resource such as web service connections or user input and display in an Oracle JET component.
  • Instantly start mobile development with Smartface and Oracle JET in the cloud.
    • No need for complicated setup processes that are mandatory for other mobile development environments.
    • Development is fully independent from the hardware and the software. No Mac is needed to develop and deploy native iOS and Android apps.
  • JavaScript is sufficient for developing native apps with Smartface and Oracle JET.
    • A single JavaScript developer can use Oracle MCS, Smartface and Oracle JET to develop mobile applications end-to-end.
    • Gain high productivity with a unified development approach.
  • Oracle JET usage in Smartface is simple and plug and play.
    • Just in a few steps, you can add Oracle JET components in any mobile app.
    • You can just drag and drop certain Oracle JET components for a quick start.
  • Oracle JET support in Smartface allows you to share codebases between web and mobile.
    • You can reuse your current Oracle JET implementations in native apps.
    • Reduce maintenance and development costs with the Oracle JET and Smartface synergy.

You can visit the following link to get more information on how to use Oracle JET in Smartface: