Using CitySDK API with Smartface App Studio

The CitySDK API is a linked data distribution platform being developed by Waag Society. CitySDK enables the linking of (mobility) data sets and city services. Linking a database with planned roadworks to a route planning service for instance or enabling citizens to report the nuisance due to roadworks or even better. Let them offer alternative routes to their fellow citizens.

CitySDK Platform Features

  • Open API, Open Source
  • Ruby API gem
  • No access keys for reading
  • Write access for data owners and app developers
  • CMS for data owners for easy integration of new datasets
  • Mapping service (in CMS)
  • Map Viewer, Geocoding
  • Standardized interface in 8 cities


What Smartface App Studio can do more with CitySDK?

Now you can create a cross platform mobile app that will fetch data from CitySDK API and show it on a map view as pins. We will be develop our iOS and Android app on Windows PC with single code based environment. It supports from iOS 6, iOS7, iOS 8 and all Android versions from Android 2.3.3 to Android 4.4.x. You can check the detailed information and developer guide from our Developer Center.