Smartface Next Generation
Middleware Platform


Smartface Middleware Platform facilitates digital transformation by alleviating the complexities of connecting traditional architectures to the modern multi-channel frontends.

Eliminate Cross Cutting Concerns All the cross-cutting concerns (CCC) such as authentication, authorization, configuration and API and business process management, etc. can be fully offloaded to the middleware components.
Eliminate High-Cost Hardware Lock-in Any app can be transformed to a containerized microservice application and can be run in a lightweight, highly available and clustered manner.
Reduce Legacy Software Dependency Any customizations or extensions developed in the legacyz systems can be offloaded to the middleware and to isolate the legacy systems fully from the custom developments for better maintainability.
Democratize Development Divide and conquer the dependency on individual developers with the best practice, modular architecture and by empowering the analyst-level, citizen resources for business rule management
Benefit from the API Economy API economy requires providing APIs with high availability and performance within SLAs and the Smartface Middleware Platform is developed with a best practice architecture for the highest SLAs for commercialization and productization.
In-Depth, Expert API Reporting Get real-time API analytics from the middleware and unify the logs of each component. Monitor your metrics with smart and functional dashboards.
High Compatibility and No More Single Point of Failure The platform can run in multiple instances on OpenShift or Kubernetes containers with automatic upscaling or downscaling, optimizing the resource usage and eliminating traditional technical resource expansion limitations.
Rapid Delivery and Productization With an extensive number of functionalities in a unified manner, any new app will not require the rediscovery and reimplementation of these common functionalities. API integration and mediation is accelerated with the API management component.

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