Smartface Multi-Channel
Development Platform

Innovative development experience with a full-featured cloud IDE for the unified, low-code and full-code development of native iOS/Android mobile and single-page web apps


Utilize citizen developers to develop apps quickly with the building block approach. These apps are also fully extensible with the full-code editor.

Single Codebase and Unification Develop high quality native iOS and Android mobile apps and single-page web apps in a unified platform that bridges low-code citizen development with full code development in JavaScript/TypeScript.
Knowledge Base Design and develop your enterprise components or utilize the readily available components in the Smartface ecosystem and provide them as building blocks to your citizen developers.
Smart UI Kits for Best Practices Apply your company typography, branding and theme to the building blocks for faster development. You can focus on the user interface development with minimized dependency on the visual designers.
Design Editor for Citizen Developers Develop the user interface of your app with the intuitive WYSIWYG design editor with auto code generation. The design fits multiple resolutions and devices with no effort.
Instant Preview and Deployment Preview your app on a real device or on a virtual device instantly and update seamlessly as you make changes. No need for waiting for compilation or attaching cables.


Versatile, full-featured, in-browser IDE to develop native iOS/Android mobile and single-page web applications with a single JavaScript/TypeScript codebase.

No Setup & No Mac Needed Develop mobile apps in your browser on any OS. No more OS or hardware lock-in. No more platform update worries. The latest version of the platform is always delivered fresh from the cloud.
Live Collaboration Eliminate physical boundaries and limitations with coding in the cloud as a service. Share your workspace and code in the same environment collaboratively.
Full-Featured IDE The Cloud IDE has all the features that you would expect from a desktop IDE such as a complete source control interface, a terminal working on a Linux environment along with an extensive set of tools for JavaScript coding.
Enterprise-Grade Platform The Cloud IDE is designed for enterprises with enterprises. The platform has a Kubernetes-based architecture for private cloud and on-premise deployments and is integrated with other Smartface digital transformation products.
Enterprise Team Management The Cloud IDE streamlines the management of large multi-location, multi-project and even multi-vendor teams with integration with enterprise identity systems and fine-grained role, access and organization management.

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