Develop iOS 9 Compatible Native Apps with Smartface

iOS 9 release date is on September 16 with many changes and new features for both users and developers.

Get ready for developing apps for iOS 9 with Smartface. The new Smartface release provides day-one support for iOS 9.

Notable changes in iOS 9 include:

  • New and revamped Apple apps such as News and Notes
  • Multitasking support on iPad (only on high end models)
  • Improved search and Siri
  • 3D Touch for iPhone 6S and 6s Plus
  • New and improved kits and APIs for developers
  • App Thinning for iOS
  • Swift 2 for development

As with most major OS version changes, migration requires an intense amount of effort for developers and Smartface is here to ease that pain. You don’t need to worry about the complexities of the fragmented world of OSes and devices.

For instance, Swift 2 makes things even more complicated for developers with new questions. Should you learn a new language? What if Objective-C becomes obsolete? How can I keep up if things change in every iteration of Swift?

With Smartface, you don’t need to worry about such burdensome questions. Smartface supports standard JavaScript with a single codebase for iOS and Android development, so you don’t need worry about learning a new language or keeping up with a constantly changing language.

As for app thinning, this is nothing new for Smartface developers. Smartface already offers more than what Apple offers with app thinning without OS limitations.

You already have the option of using remote resources for iOS and Android apps with Smartface.

iOS 9 is not needed and you can download not just images or icons but all of your runtime code from an external source and change your app on-the-fly. Moreover, you don’t need to bother with learning and applying things like bitcode or slicing. Just point your external JS file as an include to update native iOS and Android apps remotely.

As always, Smartface isolates you from the headaches of upgrading your apps to support new OS versions.

Just republish your app with the latest version of Smartface and you are good to go. As long as you use the latest Smartface version, your apps can support iOS 9, iOS 10 or whatever version comes in your way. Everything is already upgraded and tested for you in the framework.

Download Smartface now and develop iOS 9 ready native apps with remote updating.