10 Tips for Remote Working for Software Development Teams (whether on a Daily Basis or in a State of Emergency)

As the COVID-19 or widely known as the Coronavirus is spreading around the world, more and more companies of any size and industry have no choice but to have their employees work remotely and preferably from home, sometimes even mandated by the governments themselves. Compared to the state institutions or the manufacturing industry per se, […]

The 5 Mobile App Distribution Methods and Channels in the Mobile App Lifecycle

We are always talking about the advantages of mobility; however, there is one downside that we are so used to that we tend to overlook. In terms of app delivery and updates, mobile platforms forced us to go back using the obsolete method of binary distribution. Especially on iOS, there are a number of restrictions […]

What is NoOps and How to Achieve NoOps in Mobile App Development?

As enterprises are embracing DevOps and realizing its benefits, especially in their well-established software stacks, they are challenged with another question with the increasing prominence of DevOps in the cloud applications supported with automation. The question can be expressed as “why don’t we fully streamline the DevOps processes even further since it is more or […]

What is the Difference Between a Platform and a Framework?

In today’s everchanging world of technology, we have a very fluid terminology, where certain words and phrases tend to overlap, and the same word may have multiple meanings in different contexts. We usually emphasize that one of the main differences of Smartface Cloud from similar products is that Smartface Cloud is a full-featured “mobile app […]

How to Solve The Dilemma of MDM (Mobile Device Management) in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Cases Using MAM (Mobile App Management)

As mobile devices get more capable and affordable, enterprises are realizing the benefits of enterprise mobility such as agility and productivity intensively. However, mobility introduces a serious burden on enterprises from security, management as well as the cost perspective. Previously, only some employees were using company-issued notebooks, which are well-protected with things like data encryption, […]

How to Create a Synergy Between Conversational Interfaces (Chatbots) with Touch Interfaces (Mobile Apps) for the Best User Experience

Although chatbots and virtual personal assistants are getting more and more prominent each day by providing a new channel for certain types of processes; it should be noted that just like any other interaction channel, they are just means to an end, which is usually about interacting with the user in the most productive and […]

Smartface Chatbot Client for In-House Enterprise Chatbots

The future of mobility is inevitably moving towards artificial intelligence with the rise of virtual personal assistants and chatbots. For certain interactions and processes, it is more convenient just to use natural language instead of going through hoops in a mobile device. Before chatbots, it was not possible to eliminate human interaction for some processes, […]

Using Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit) in Smartface

JavaScript is becoming a de facto standard in enterprise settings, especially in front-end applications. For this reason, Smartface allows development of native iOS and Android applications just with JavaScript so that both web and mobile frontend development operations can be handled with a single resource, increasing productivity. Similarly, Oracle offers Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle […]

How to Keep Up with the Fast-Moving World of Mobility and Adapt to Fragmentation with Productivity

Mobile apps are getting increasingly short-lived. In B2C (consumer) apps, this is more visible like the Flappy Bird case, but B2E (employee) and B2B (business) apps are also short-lived for various reasons. New versions of operating systems and new generation devices are being released so fast that it’s not always possible to catch up, especially […]

Wireless Mobile App Debugging with Smartface Cloud IDE

While Smartface Cloud is more than just about development with the mobile app lifecycle management features, the Cloud IDE is one of the most notable parts of the Smartface Cloud platform. It is a full-featured development environment that runs in the cloud with unique features like easy and powerful collaboration similar to online document editing […]

Streamline Mobile App Testing and Version Management with Smartface Testing Distribution

As the device and operating system fragmentation increases, testing becomes the most crucial step of mobile DevOps processes. Even though Smartface Cloud Development module minimizes the need to worry about fragmentation and allows you to test run and debug apps instantly on real devices, it is still a good practice to test mobile apps on […]

A Web Browser is All You Need to Develop Native iOS and Android Apps on any Platform with Smartface Cloud IDE

With Smartface Cloud, you can develop native iOS and Android apps, just with JavaScript and manage their lifecycle end-to-end, all in the cloud, within the comfort of your browser. Our development module, Smartface Cloud IDE, runs right in your browser, no installation or setup needed to start developing native iOS and Android apps. The Cloud […]

Increase Mobile App Downloads and User Engagement with Smartface Single Link Distribution

Smartface Cloud Single Link Distribution allows you to distribute your iOS and Android apps with a single link and a QR code to facilitate mobile app marketing and increase mobile app downloads. There is no need for any specific SDKs or development efforts, it can be used by anyone without any technical dependency and it […]

Smartface Cloud: The Next Generation of Enterprise Mobility

We are happy to announce that our next generation product Smartface Cloud is live. Smartface Cloud facilitates mobile transformation with enterprise mobility in the cloud. You can register for free at https://cloud.smartface.io and start using it right away. No download or setup is necessary and it is free for a lifetime. You can quickly start […]

Highlights and Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2016

Another Mobile World Congress passed by with exciting announcements and updates. Even though we saw more smartphone announcements than last year, MWC 2016 was more than just “smartphones and wearable devices”. Wearables were actually nowhere to be seen and virtual reality devices and technologies took the stage; followed by connected devices, whether it is a […]

Developing Native Salesforce SDK Apps with Smartface

With the plugin support in Smartface, it is possible to implement any native SDK in Smartface apps. and as an example and the first of many, we would like to introduce the Salesforce native iOS and Android plugin for Smartface. You can find more information about native plugin support in our previous article “Extending Smartface […]

Extending Smartface with Native iOS and Android Plugins

Smartface plugin interface is now open to all users, including the free Community license. Everyone can create their own native Objective-C and Java plugins for Smartface App Studio. The possibilities to extend your Smartface apps are now endless. Smartface is a JavaScript based cross-platform native framework and it already provides a JavaScript interface to native […]

Developing 3D Touch and Touch ID Apps for iOS Devices in Smartface

The latest release of Smartface, version 4.5, comes with 3D Touch (Force Touch) and Touch ID support for iOS devices, paving new ways for user interaction. Smartface is fully native and you can develop next generation iOS apps with native features like 3D Touch and Touch ID just by using JavaScript.   3D Touch in […]

Developing Native iOS and Android Apps with Offline Capabilities in Smartface

Even though we are very much used to being online all the time while using our mobile devices, offline usage is still a must. In B2C apps, offline functionality is a highly demanded feature for reducing data usage or accessing certain sets of information when offline. Some examples are: Saving music offline is one of […]

5 Reasons Why Smartface is Unique in Native iOS and Android Mobile Application Development

There are many different mobile application development platforms (MADP) are out there and we frequently come across the question why Smartface is unique among all other MADPs and why Smartface should be chosen over the others. In this article, we elaborate the unique features of Smartface. There are already many things that Smartface does better […]

Develop Native Apps on Linux, Mac or Windows with Smartface Command Line Interface (CLI)

Today, we announce yet another step towards OS-free native mobile development. With the Smartface Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, you can develop native iOS and Android apps on Linux, Mac or Windows with any code or text editor. Moreover, it’s free and it works with your current Smartface license, including the community edition. Below are […]

News from Smartface: Introducing Smartface University, Updated Smartface-in-Action and New Pricing Page

As a part of our efforts to improve your Smartface experience, we are happy to announce some new changes, a small part of the big change that we will announce soon.  1. Smartface University opens its doors Smartface University is live! With the official training materials, learning Smartface is easier than ever. You can access […]

Develop iOS 9 Compatible Native Apps with Smartface

iOS 9 release date is on September 16 with many changes and new features for both users and developers. Get ready for developing apps for iOS 9 with Smartface. The new Smartface release provides day-one support for iOS 9. Notable changes in iOS 9 include: New and revamped Apple apps such as News and […]

Tips and Tricks with Smartface for Mobile App Development

This week, we present you a small but useful mobile development tips and tricks to facilitate mobile development process and enhance your mobile applications.   1. Faster Android virtual device emulation with Genymotion While developing mobile applications, especially for Android, we need a variety of devices that offer different screen sizes. This necessity is a […]

Smartface Architecture for Native iOS and Android Development with Single JavaScript Codebase

Smartface is a native cross-platform JavaScript interpreter framework for iOS and Android. The framework consists of two main elements: Run-Time Engine and Desktop IDE. The IDE is Windows-based and has no dependency on Mac for iOS testing and debugging, meaning that whole iOS development can be done on Windows. Run-time engine is explained below in […]

Smartface: The Only Solution for Native iOS Development on Windows PC

There are more than a million apps in iTunes store and Google Play and this number is rapidly increasing. However, the demand for apps is increasing faster than the supply for developers and the requirement for a Mac computer running Mac OS for iOS app development makes it even more difficult to find iOS developers. […]

15 Frequently Asked Questions about Smartface

Here we present you the 15 most frequently asked questions about Smartface from our community and from our enterprise customers. You can find answers to business-related and technical questions.   What kind of mobile applications can you develop with Smartface? Why should I choose Smartface? How do you handle operating system and device differences and […]

Developer’s Guide to Mobile App Security in 8 Steps

As per popular demand, we are back with yet another article about security. Regardless of which framework, mobile operating system or methodology you use for mobile application development, security is a critical issue. Like iOS and Android, different mobile platforms may have different tools and solutions for security, but the main questions are the same. […]

30 Highlights and Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2015

Last week, we were at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona and we would like to share with you the highlights and the key takeaways of this year’s show for both our individual mobile developers and our enterprise customers. We walked more than 12 miles (20 km) every day to scour the every corner of […]

Smartface App Studio 4.3 Released

In our major release of Smartface App Studio 4.3, we are announcing a great deal of new features for you to keep up with the fast changing world of mobility.

We listen to our community and besides releasing highly requested new features, we streamlined the installation process, especially for external components. (.NET Framework, iTunes, JDK 7, Android SDK and Node.js)

Jump-start Your Shift to Enterprise Mobility in 10 Steps

Being an enterprise usually means having a behemoth system to manage all of the complex and integrated processes. In the age of desktop computing, it was possible to cram everything into a “desktop application” and notebooks were sufficient for enterprise mobility. However, in the age of mobile enterprise, there is still need for large, centralized […]

2+1 Strategies for Mobile Application Development

Do you have an intent to start a mobile application project and have too many questions in your mind? Here are the five Ws of a mobile application development project: What do you want to be developed? Why do you want it? Who will develop it? Where will they develop it? When will they develop […]

How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs in Native iOS and Android Development with Smartface

The demand for mobile applications is increasing at a high rate and the demand for mobile developers is increasing in parallel. According to various sources as well as our discussions within the industry, this demand exceeds the supply by a large margin. For employers, this means additional effort and cost towards hiring and employee retention. […]

Apple Pay: How does it work and how is it different from Google Wallet and other NFC-based m-wallets/mobile payment systems?

In our series of mobile landscape articles, such as App Security Tips, we will be discussing Apple Pay today. How does it work and why is it different from Google Wallet and other NFC-based m-wallets/mobile payment systems?   First of all, some background information about NFC payments: For security purposes, a method called tokenization is […]

Smartface vs. Xamarin (Cross-Platform Native Frameworks)

The objective of Smartface is to make native app development accessible to masses without sacrificing quality. At every opportunity, we emphasize the importance of “real native” quality and performance and that makes “real natives” win over “like-native” hybrid frameworks like Phonegap, Cordova, etc. Unlike hybrid frameworks, most of which are just the fork of a […]

Xcode for Windows with Smartface for Native iOS Development

As the demand for iPhone and iPad apps is increasing every day, more people want to use Xcode to develop mobile apps for iOS. However, Xcode requires Mac OS and MacBooks, iMacs and other Macs are not that affordable compared to Windows PCs. Therefore, Xcode for Windows is desirable to develop apps with Swift or […]

Smartface App Studio vs. Appcelerator Titanium (JavaScript Based Cross-Platform Native Frameworks)

The objective of Smartface is to make native app development accessible to masses without sacrificing quality. At every opportunity, we emphasize the importance of “real native” quality and performance and that makes “real natives” win over “like-native” hybrid frameworks like Phonegap, Cordova, etc. Unlike hybrid frameworks, most of which are just the fork of a […]

How to Develop and Market Great Apps from Great Ideas

You have a great idea for a mobile app; do you know how you can convert this idea into reality as well as share your creation with the world? It’s as easy as pie: Analyze your idea and decide what kind of an app you can develop Download Smartface App Studio for free Develop and design […]

How to monetize your apps and earn money from Smartface apps with AdMob and In-App Purchases

As the name implies, AdMob is a mobile advertising platform owned by Google. There are many mobile advertising networks such as Apple’s iAd or Facebook ads, but their market share is limited compared to AdMob. AdMob’s is a cross-platform environment just like Smartface, it offers advertising for all mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows […]

Smartface App Studio vs. PhoneGap/Sencha/Cordova (Cross-Platform Native vs. Hybrid Environments)

  In today’s all-accessible world, your customers are not comparing your app with just another random app. In terms of user experience and design, you are competing with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tinder. We think that end-users and some of the developers are confused about platform based native (Smartface App Studio) vs. […]

iOS 8 Jailbreak

iOS 8 Jailbreak Released

Everybody is talking about how to jailbreak iOS 8 these days. Do you know what it means in technical terms and how you can detect jailbroken devices with Smartface App Studio? What is iOS 8 Jailbreak? iOS Jailbreaking is the process of obtaining root access (superuser – su or admin access) on iOS devices. Apple […]

iOS 64-bit Transition

Apple recently announced that it will not allow new apps that don’t have 64-bit support to the App Store starting February 1, 2015. Also, you get a warning about this when you submit a new app. After February, this warning will be replaced with an error. With the release of Apple A7 processor on iPhone […]

10 Most Common App Security Mistakes

Why Mobile App Security? App security mistakes for Android and iPhone are generally a lesser prioritized area for a mobile developer, mostly because due to the time pressure. It does not usually get what it deserves in project plans. Moreover, in case of absence of a security owner in project teams, no one claims responsibility. […]

PARSE with Rest API

  What is PARSE? Parse is the cloud app platform for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Mac OS X. Why don’t you use this well-known platform with Smartface App Studio? We explained you how to use PARSE Rest API with Smartface App Studio via related Developer Center tutorial and of course with […]

Intel x86 on Android with Smartface

x86 on Android, How it Works? Intel makes x86 on Android ready. There’s starting to be more and more Intel Atom and other x86 based Android devices on the market. Currently most of the apps are only compiled to run native ARM code, which can’t run natively on x86. Intel has solved this problem by […]

iPhone 6 with Smartface Fragmentation

iOS Fragmentation: Welcome to iPhone 6 and Plus

or just say “Hello” to fragmentation issues on iOS with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! You have fragmentation problem and Do you know that? Not much, just 2 years ago during these days; iOS developers just had one screen size to take care of. There is no fragmentation problems, there is no OS differences, […]

Smartface in Greece!

καλημέρα! Good Morning! It was pleasure to meet all Greek developers in Thessaloniki for GDG Playground event. We’re proud to sponsored of this event. GDG Thessaloniki organized GDG Playground event. They said; It’s been called “The technology point conference in Greece”. People came here from all around the Greece and really enjoyed with couple of activities and […]

Using CitySDK API with Smartface App Studio

The CitySDK API is a linked data distribution platform being developed by Waag Society. CitySDK enables the linking of (mobility) data sets and city services. Linking a database with planned roadworks to a route planning service for instance or enabling citizens to report the nuisance due to roadworks or even better. Let them offer alternative […]

Using iBeacon with Smartface App Studio

What is iBeacon? iBeacon is a new technology that extends Location Services in iOS. Your iOS device can alert apps when you approach or leave a location with an iBeacon. In addition to monitoring location, an app can estimate your proximity to an iBeacon (for example, a display or checkout counter in a retail store). […]

Do you really need to learn a new language for iOS8?

Hi again, Tim Cook’s presentation in WWDC 2014 on Monday was the main headline in almost all technology blogs and news. Apple has announced a series of updates for all channels. The one that we were all curious about was about iOS8 and updates together with it for 2014. Some of them were expected, like […]

iOS and Android Emulator on Windows

Smartface Emulator & Simulator is no longer available for individual users. It is only available with our enterprise mobile app development platform plans and not as a standalone tool. For other alternatives, you may check https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode/running-your-app-in-simulator-or-on-a-device   Developing a mobile application with a platform-based approach (Java and Objective-C/Swift) is not as easy as it looks. […]

What is an Application.OnError and How We Handle It?

  What is Application.OnError? Negative paths in app development can be easily missed by the app developer and in most of the cases developer feels it is a burden to carry on. With using the generic error handling in Smartface App Studio enables the developer to handle those negative paths only at once, define a […]

Why Smartface App Studio?

We asked ourselves why people like to use Smartface App Studio? Developers or project managers, would like to develop your exciting projects with us. Starting from this question, we will outline your benefits of developing with Smartface App Studio.   It will be FAST and EFFICIENT WYSIWYG design editor: “What You See Is What You […]

Smartface Get Everything Done About Memory Management for You

We’ve done everything what you expect from Smartface. Analyze common problems for memory management on mobile devices and packaged you all in one solutions. You don’t need to take care of platform based memory optimizations while developing with Smartface App Studio. Memory management is the hardest part of mobile development. Mobile devices, from cheaper ones […]

Smartface App Studio is ready for Gear apps!

Smartface App Studio is incredible! Samsung currently not being shared SDK for Gear, but you can develop your apps for Gear with using Smartface App Studio.     How to Develop? Everything is almost the same as Android development with App Studio. Just take care few points. 1) Just choose Galaxy Gear screen resolution from […]

Native vs. Hybrid

We think end-users and some of developers confused about native, hybrid and web apps (mostly known HTML5 apps). That’s why we’re trying to explain you these environments development and usage differences and some commons. Let’s start with a few words about what types of apps are they: Native apps; are specific to a given mobile […]

Just in 24 Hours…

  Well. This was probably the best hackathon (or named kodathon) in Turkey at 2013. Kodathon was organized by kodcu.com, @seanxyu, @altugaltintas, @fkadev. First of all, thanks all of them for this wonderful event. Kodathon was at Koç University Nisantasi Campus which is near the American Hospital. There were approx. 15 group and it means […]