Smartface App Studio 4.3 Released

In our major release of Smartface App Studio 4.3, we are announcing a great deal of new features for you to keep up with the fast changing world of mobility.

We listen to our community and besides releasing highly requested new features, we streamlined the installation process, especially for external components. (.NET Framework, iTunes, JDK 7, Android SDK and Node.js)

Below are the major updates with links to the API docs:

  • SliderDrawer object is added. You can now create native sliding menus with a few lines of code.
  • SearchBar object is added. Add a native search bar anywhere with just one click.
  • JIT (Just in Time) compiler support for iOS for improved performance.
  • RichText support is added for Label object. Visual design gets even easier.
  • BLOB (Binary Large Object) features are added. You get more options for binary file operations.
  • Full Support for iOS 64-bit. (Don’t forget that you need to update your applications to 64-bit until June and it is mandatory to submit new apps  as 64-bit.)
  • Enhanced Script Editor and IDE features. (The beginning of the upcoming visual revamp.)

You can view our release notes for full changes in this release and our roadmap for information about upcoming features. If you have any questions or if you need support, you can visit the developer center.

If you are not a Smartface developer yet, register and Download Smartface App Studio now.

If you are already registered, you can download the latest version from My Account page.