PARSE with Rest API


What is PARSE?

Parse is the cloud app platform for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Mac OS X. Why don’t you use this well-known platform with Smartface App Studio? We explained you how to use PARSE Rest API with Smartface App Studio via related Developer Center tutorial and of course with a sample project.



Parse allows you to create your applications without worrying about creating the backend of the application. Using Parse, you can create a flexible and powerful backend without worrying about server management and investing time in writing code for backend servers. Parse provides a complete framework for push notifications, social media integration, analytics, and data storage, with flexibility to code business logic for the backend with Cloud Code.

What is Rest API with PARSE?

The REST API lets you interact with Parse from anything that can send an HTTP request. There are many things you can do with the REST API and we’re going to use uploading large amounts of data feature that will later be consumed in a Smartface App Studio written app.


Using PARSE Rest API with Smartface App Studio

You can use Parse platform over REST and JavaScript APIs. There are also other platforms and tools you can use with that but Rest API is easy to use one solution with Smartface. We’d like to show you Rest API usage with Smartface App Studio. You only need to read the tutorial below to understand how it works easily.


We’ve published developer document about dynamic Web Client objects, sign up/sign in process, upload user photo and associate with Parse objects. Creating user interface of your project also available, like always, with using WYSIWYG design editor (Statically) and using only Script Editor (Dynamically). Also we created a sample project for Parse usage with Smartface App Studio and it’s open sourced.

You can find this tutorial from: Parse with Rest API on Smartface App Studio and Sample Project from GitHub.

Download Smartface now and start developing mobile apps powered by Parse.