A Web Browser is All You Need to Develop Native iOS and Android Apps on any Platform with Smartface Cloud IDE

With Smartface Cloud, you can develop native iOS and Android apps, just with JavaScript and manage their lifecycle end-to-end, all in the cloud, within the comfort of your browser.

Our development module, Smartface Cloud IDE, runs right in your browser, no installation or setup needed to start developing native iOS and Android apps.

The Cloud IDE is a full-featured IDE for a complete mobile development experience with JavaScript. You can see a quick demonstration of the Smartface Cloud IDE is in the following video:


Unlike some other tools which claim in-browser development just with a limited feature set, Smartface Cloud IDE has all the features you expect from a traditional IDE with the added benefits of the cloud.

This is achieved with an innovative cloud implementation:

For every Smartface mobile application development project, you get a unique and personal Linux machine in the cloud.

Therefore, the IDE consumes local computing resources only as much as a rich web page, which keeps your computer cooler and even helps you spare some battery life for development.

Moreover, it is compatible with any operating system with a modern browser.  You can develop native iOS and Android apps on Linux, Windows or any other operating system, even on iOS itself.

Some of the notable features of the Cloud IDE can be outlined as follows:

  • Coding support functions like autocomplete (including support for custom JavaScript libraries) and direct access to API documents while coding
  • Cloning projects directly to the cloud from code repositories
  • Flexible workspace with extensive customization options
  • Fully functional Linux terminal
  • Wireless and instant app deployment from the cloud to real devices
  • Wireless debugging directly from the cloud to the mobile devices
  • Real-time coding and collaboration on the same project with other developers
  • Direct integration with other Smartface Cloud modules such as Testing Distribution ad Remote App Update so that you can deploy your apps without any download and upload processes.


You can start using start using Smartface Cloud instantly and experience the delight of native mobile development in the cloud at https://cloud.smartface.io