Streamline Mobile App Testing and Version Management with Smartface Testing Distribution

As the device and operating system fragmentation increases, testing becomes the most crucial step of mobile DevOps processes. Even though Smartface Cloud Development module minimizes the need to worry about fragmentation and allows you to test run and debug apps instantly on real devices, it is still a good practice to test mobile apps on different devices. In the lifecycle of a mobile app there are a number mobile app testing scenarios such as functional tests or user acceptance tests that might be carried out by different teams.

Until now, one of the main issues was that distributing apps to testers and devices is usually an unnecessarily complicated process. You need to use multiple tools for iOS and Android, install apps to install apps or connect all devices and install binaries manually.

Smartface eliminates the hassles of mobile application testing with the Smartface Cloud Testing Distribution module.

Testing Distribution allows you to distribute your iOS and Android apps for testing with individual testers and testing teams. It is a cross-platform testing solution that does not require any SDKs or setup and it works with all types of mobile apps regardless of their development technology.



In this module, you can manage your mobile app binaries as application profiles along with the versions as well as the teams with whom these apps will be shared. When you share the app, each user will be provided with unique download links so that you can track every tester individually.

This module is especially useful for internal testing by providing a platform to serve binaries with detailed management and tracking of applications, versions, testers and teams. It streamlines testing processes while providing you the perfect tool to store, archive and share app binaries for iOS and Android.

You can start using Single Link Distribution instantly and for free as a part of Smartface Cloud. No setup is needed to start distributing apps to testers. Try it now at