How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs in Native iOS and Android Development with Smartface

The demand for mobile applications is increasing at a high rate and the demand for mobile developers is increasing in parallel. According to various sources as well as our discussions within the industry, this demand exceeds the supply by a large margin. For employers, this means additional effort and cost towards hiring and employee retention.

What’s more is that, for a platform-based native mobile development project for iOS and Android, you need at least four people:

  • An iOS developer
  • An Android developer
  • A Project manager to coordinate two separate mobile projects
  • A Software tester to test two separate mobile projects.

Similarly, if you are a web developer and want to switch to developing iOS and Android apps, you need to learn two different languages along with the accompanying mobile standards: Java for Android and Objective-C/Swift for iOS. The learning cost is high and you need to develop two projects from scratch.

iOS and Android version and fragmentation timeline

iOS and Android version and fragmentation timeline

As you can see from the timeline above; device, version and architecture fragmentation is becoming a more serious issue for both Android and iOS. Therefore, besides separated projects for platforms, you may need to have sub-projects for different architectures or screen sizes, which brings additional

The solution is to use cross-platform development, but choosing the right cross-platform solution requires care since native app experience cannot be foregone that easily. What if we tell you that there is a best of both worlds solution for your native application development worries?

With Smartface, you don’t need to sacrifice native quality and you can still be more productive than platform-based native development.

We did the math for you: For native development with and without Smartface for a average sized mobile application project, you need the following resources with the following yearly costs (source:

Native development with Java/Obj-C/Swift Native development with Smartface
Number of projects 2 separate projects for the same application (iOS and Android) 1 cross-platform application project for iOS and Android
Project duration 8 weeks 5 weeks (Smartface advantage)
Development resources & yearly salaries 1 iOS Developer (3 yrs exp) – $105k/yr
1 Android Developer (3 yrs exp) – $102k/yr
1 JavaScript Developer (3 yrs exp) – $74k/yr
Management resources 1 Project Manager (5 yrs exp) – $95k/yr 0.5 Project Manager (5 yrs exp) – $95k/yr
Testing resources 1 Software Tester (3 yrs exp) -$65k/yr 0.5 Software Tester (3 yrs exp) – $65k/yr
Total project cost
$122k $32k


In this example, the productivity is around 4 times. As the projects get more complicated, Smartface provides even more productivity with the Android and iOS emulators on Windows as well as the WYSIWYG application design editor.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about updates or new devices, Smartface takes care of it all.

Smartface isolates you from the complexities of fragmented world of mobility. Just develop your app with a single JavaScript codebase and run your native app on any device.

If you want to reduce costs and increase productivity for native mobile app development for iOS and Android, Smartface offers you a best-in-class solution. Start developing more apps with less cost, right now! Download Smartface App Studio for free.