Smartface in Greece!


Good Morning!

It was pleasure to meet all Greek developers in Thessaloniki for GDG Playground event. We’re proud to sponsored of this event.

GDG Thessaloniki organized GDG Playground event. They said; It’s been called “The technology point conference in Greece”. People came here from all around the Greece and really enjoyed with couple of activities and technological showcases.

We, as a Smartface, open a stand for 2 days and “Say Hi” to all participants whose interested in Smartface App Studio.


People generally asking me Smartface App Studio’s license model. I’m always happy to say that Smartface App Studio’s Community License is totally free and really powerful for your apps without extra needs.

Also my talks is about Getting Started with Smartface App Studio and all participants very interested in how easy and advanced development capacity we have with App Studio in a same time. It was impressive for everyone.