Smartface Mobile CI/CD
DevOps Platform


Centralize and unify all enterprise mobile CI processes and artifacts on a single platform. Your builds, certificates and variables are all in one place for any type of mobile app project.

Quick and Easy Start Connect your repo from your preferred git provider; whether it is GitHub, Bitbucket or an internal one and simply build your app by customizing your build settings with a streamlined user interface with one-click access to all commonly used settings.
Automated Cloud Builds No need for manual coding and constant monitoring for build automation and no need for a Mac or any other specific environment for builds. With different types of triggers, you have extensive control over when to get a build after a git push.
Powerful Workflows For advanced and custom use cases, you can customize your build process with the workflows. You can customize any build step and utilize build scripts at any stage.
Centralized Signing Identities The identities in this module is accessible from the build module to use in multiple projects. No need to maintain the same identity separately for each build and no need for local storage.
Signing Identity Creation Create Android keystores and iOS certificates within the platform and start signing instantly without the need for specific software or operating systems.
Environment Variables and Secrets Manage all your variables and secrets from one place for all projects. Secrets are stored securely and not accessible for viewing while they can be incorporated to the build.


Automate your binary deployments for testing, beta or production distribution and preview them instantly on iOS or Android just in your browser.

Fully Automated Deployments Automate the full mobile CI/CD process from coding to the delivery of the binary to the end user. Different types of triggers provide you extensive control over when an app is shared with which testers or when it is uploaded directly to the public app stores or to the Enterprise App Store.
Testing Distribution Distribute your apps for testing with individual testers and testing teams without the need for third party solutions separately for iOS and Android. Serve binaries with detailed management and tracking of applications, versions, testers and teams.
In-Browser App Previews Preview your apps instantly on virtual iOS and Android devices in your browser. No need to install any emulators or maintain physical devices. A wide range of iOS and Android devices and OS versions are supported.
Send to App Store & Google Play Sign and deploy your apps to App Store Connect automatically for App Store and TestFlight or to Google Play automatically for public release or for Google Play Beta.
Send to the Enterprise App Store Smartface Mobile CI/CD platform is fully integrated with other Smartface products. Automatically sign and deploy in-house apps from the Smartface CI/CD platform to the Smartface Enterprise App Store.


Build and deploy great mobile apps easily with the all-in-one mobile CI/CD suite.

Scalable and Customizable Kubernetes-based architecture for high availability and scalability and microservice-based APIs for integration and extensibility
Designed for Enterprises On-premise and private cloud deployments on any compatible Kubernetes or OpenShift environment and support for private repositories and internal source control.
Enterprise Team Management Fine-grained role management with support for segregation of duties and team-based usage audits and notifications. Integration with enterprise identity systems for login with enterprise single sign on.

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