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Smartface Mock API Suite is an end-to-end, comprehensive mock API solution that accelerates and simplifies API development, integration and testing and enables citizen development with its automated modules.

- Supports any Kubernetes environment
- Fully persistent
- Provides random response payloads if no data
- Provides request validation
- Supports multiple media types (e.g. JSON, BLOB)
- Can work under high load while providing delay options
- Supports multiple OpenAPIs on a single instance
- Supports security features through a compatible identity management system (e.g. Keycloak)

MOCK API GENERATOR Enable your citizen developers to generate their own mock APIs with the OpenAPI spec files. This module generates mock API codes and mock response data automatically.
MOCK API EDITOR Bridge citizen development with full-code development with the Mock API Editor to view or customize the APIs. Generate custom mock response data to handle negative paths or specific business rules.
MOCK API SERVER The generated APIs are automatically deployed to the Mock API Server for a realistic API consumption experience.

Download the Smartface Mock API Suite Datasheet

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