Smartface Expands its Product Portfolio with Next Generation Products

[Palo Alto, April 12, 2019] As Smartface Cloud established a strong market foothold, we had the chance to observe what enterprises need firsthand and we are happy to announce two major products, which make Smartface a full digital transformation suite.

Without further ado, below are the new products being added to Smartface family with their roadmaps and current status:

Appcircle: Mobile CI/CD Platform

The innovative Smartface Lifecycle Management Platform was a huge success in the enterprises and we were constantly being asked if these features can be made available not just for Smartface apps, but also for mobile apps developed with other frameworks or languages. So we took on the task to develop the easiest and the most powerful mobile CI/CD platform.

Here we present you: Appcircle –

We aimed for Appcircle to be a universal platform that embraces all mobile app development approaches and it will be a totally independent brand from Smartface (with work in tandem with Smartface apps, of course.) Appcircle will have all the features you love and use in Smartface for all frameworks, from cloud build to testing distribution to the emulators.

In a few weeks, these features will initially be available within the Smartface Cloud Dashboard and in early 2020, Appcircle will be in early access followed by a full release in mid-2020.

Visit for the latest updates.


Smartface Next Generation Middleware Platform

Another critical point in the lifecycle of mobile apps is the integration. One common pain point we keep observing in the enterprises is connecting the modern frontends such as mobile apps to the legacy backends and the integration solutions may not be mobile-friendly or may work in the cloud only.

For this purpose, we developed a flexible and lightweight “backend for frontend”: the Smartface Middleware Platform –

Smartface Middleware Platform facilitates digital transformation by alleviating the complexities of connecting traditional architectures to the modern multi-channel frontends. It is a cloud-native platform that can work in private clouds or on-premise. Smartface Middleware eliminates cross-cutting concerns and increases the agility along with the productization capabilities.

For more information and updates, you can visit our dedicated middleware product page.